Make it easy with a user-friendly web-based Editor

Many features such as Updating information in real-time, adding new images and data easily, removing items in just one click and more.

Technical knowledge is not required!!

It is so easy and convenient to use this system without having technical knowledge. Apart from this, it saves a lot of time and money.

It’s difficult to Set up and expand the business physically

With the help of Food Chow, by performing a few simpler chronological steps you are good to go and can start your selling with a virtual restaurant immediately.


Single Store Restaurants

Without any designing or developing skills you can create your own single store food ordering restaurant.


Assets of Your Products

One of the crucial aspects to increase your sales is the asset, which contains Name, price attractive images, detailed descriptions and more.


Save & Update

You can not only save but also can update the details, which you entered, easily and quickly within a fraction of seconds. This will save a lot of time and effort.



Admins can decide which food categories, food items or food menus should be available to the user and which should not at this time in just one click.

Order Management Dashboard

You will find a single screen through which you are able to manage your orders. This dashboard will contain each and every pending, in-process, and completed orders so that you can keep track of orders accurately.

Every single detail of the order will be displayed to both, restaurant owners as well as customers with a single click.


oenote Status of Order

Restaurant owners will get a notification with every new order so that any order will not be missed. Also, restaurant owners can any time accept or reject pending orders so customers will be notified accordingly.

oefunnel Filters

To find any specific or best restaurant is quite easy because of sorting filters, which sorts by Ratings, Minimum Order Amount, Recently Added, Delivery Fees, and Fastest Delivery.

oedetails Order Details

User experience is key to success that’s why our UI is quite a user friendly so users can place the orders effortlessly.

oecopy Order Print

Customers will get an instant soft copy of the order with every detail of that order by email. Customers also can check the same in the “My Order” section of the website.


Try Out This Awesome Ordering Dashboard

Frontend Demo & Admin Demo both are live for you in the website’s Live Demo section, have a look

Free Demo

Take Away Your Order

Customers don’t have to wait for the restaurant to answer the phone or ask for a pickup time. They can simply go on to the website, see the menu, and place the order for the time they'd like to pick their food.

This solution has helped restaurant owners in increasing their sales as they don’t miss a single order when the phone is occupied during busy hours.



Delivery Zone Setup

Restaurant owners can add as many delivery zones as they want, through the “Delivery” section located in the admin dashboard.

Also, you can add separate delivery time, minimum order amount, minimum order amount for free delivery.

Get Order Notifications Every Time

We provide push notifications for every new order so that you will not miss out on any order!