Convenient, functional, secure & straightforward driver’s app, helps to deliver at the right time.

Individual account for each driver on iOS and Android.


What is the app all about?

We will create apps for each of your restaurants so that you have overall control of each of your restaurants all in one place with simple few steps and clicks. This will allow owners to use all the functionalities such as customer email notification management and confirming orders through just one click.


Edit driver’s Details

Restaurant Manager can edit all the profile properties such as name, email, phone number and can also set timings for each driver and can also set if the driver is available or not for convenience.



Change current location, set the language and time format according to the location, Enable or Disable email notification.



This feature helps drivers to contact and ask for emergency assistance by a single button click on “Assistance” from the delivery app.


Live Map assistance

It helps the driver to navigate through roads easily so that he can reach his destination at the right time.

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Steps to deliver hassle-free


Driver will get a notification, for the order delivery through the restaurant.


All the details of the delivery should be checked on the order assigned to them.


For particular order, filters are given so that you can easily check for a specific order and customer name.


The best route will be assisted by the driver with the help of google maps API for quicker delivery.


The driver can accept and reject orders according to his/her convenience can even add comments and photos


Apps Available on Android Platform

Get your Apps on the platform that is Google Play Store so the customers can download them easily and start ordering food with an easy process.

Dashboard gets Sync automatically with the update on order and Delivery

The toughest part is delivery, auto-sync helps the driver to get updated.