Get Notified Through Emails

Never miss any order

Two ways to visualize order details


Email notifications will be sent


Customer can check order details through a mobile application or website login

Powerful and fully functional Ordering dashboard

Every single order is visible in the dashboard which the restaurant owner either can accept or can reject and the status of the order will be visible to the customer. A push notification will be sent with each and every new order which will make sure that not a single order will be missed


Instant notifications by Mobile Apps every time

Food ordering app, Driver manager app, and Driver delivery manager app will allow its user to track the driver’s current location.

Instant Email Notifications

At the time of signup, the email will be registered on which notifications will be sent in the future whenever the order will be placed.

Push Notifications in Dashboard

It’s easy to keep track of status with the help of a dashboard. Restaurant owners can respond easily to each and every order and also can eliminate the manual order taking process which is more time consuming and might cause error or confusion.